You know those people on House Hunters who won’t stop yapping about that “turn-key ready” house that they want? You know, the ones who gasp at that the thought of having to so much as re-paint a bedroom or, heaven forbid, rip out some old wall-to-wall carpeting? Well, I’ve always made fun of those people, and if you’re reading this blog, chances are you like getting your hands dirty and you make fun of them too. The thought of not wanting to do a single thing to the house you’re trying to make your new home is a bit foreign to me and would never be the case for us, in fact, we wanted a fixer upper that we could make our own. And while I will still to continue to enjoy poking fun at those “move-in ready” house hunters, I will say that I am starting to understand, just for one split second, the appeal of a house with less of a to-do. Shhh!

This whole house renovation business is an interesting one and as a first time fixer upper of my own new house I’m learning to except the, often times, slow moving, scattered and chaotic process we’re calling progress around here. More and more lately is seems like there’s so much to do and so little time to do it (this whole darkness at 8PM thing isn’t helping much!) but we are learning to accept and enjoy all of the little bits of progress here and there, and this week, happiness came in the form of a new mailbox. a new mailboxWith Fall weather fast approaching, we realize that we won’t be able to do much, as far as the exterior of the house goes, until next year but a new mailbox was a quick enough fix, that we could handle in just a few hours, that would make a big difference when it came to curb appeal.

The the old mailbox was very sad. Imagine sticking a big old frowny frace right on the front of your house. That’s what that old, brown, wonky mailbox was like. Definitely not the feeling you want when you get home, right!? a new mailbox

Thumbs down!

a new mailboxFrom its sad, weather-stained post to its bad posture and peeling numbers, nothing was working with this mailbox. It wobbled every time it was opened and wasn’t doing our front yard any favors. I just wanted something simple and classic and, get this, straight! Is that really too much to ask!?a new mailboxMuch better! It feels like a breath of fresh air every time I pull into the driveway. So, for a trip to Lowe’s, under $75, and a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, we turned that house frown upside down! (Too cheesy? Whatever, it’s almost Friday.) a new mailbox

Here’s what we used to make it happen… a new mailbox

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Easy peasy! Because sometimes it’s really just the little things. Have you  made any quick updates around your house lately?

Happy Thursday!


I must tell you, nothing gets me more excited and makes me happier than Fall approaching. I love the cool weather (yes, I’m one of those) and this time of year really gets me going. Summer is nice and all but I’m a Fall/Winter girl through and through and not afraid to say it. So, although it’s a humid 72° here in Pittsburgh today it’s still approaching mid September and I say, Fall house talk here we come!

It’s pretty fun to be in the midst of designing and decorating our new house as Fall weather approaches because when I think of this time of year, my mind goes straight to comfy & cozy, and that’s exactly what I hope to achieve in our new home year round. One thing that I’ve been magnetically drawn to lately that screams that comfy & cozy feeling of Fall is cable knit home accessories. Are you ready for some intense comfort? My apologies, in advance, for making you want to go home and take a nap… cable knit home accessoriesOne of my favorite cable knit home accessories (and latest obsession) is this sweater knit lampshade. The thought of these babies makes me all warm and fuzzy and the price is right so I’m heavily considering pulling the trigger and buying a pair for our new bedroom. Now that I think about it, with our first wedding anniversary fast approaching, I should probably start dropping some serious hints about these cuties. Who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend?!

knit home accessoriesThis rope basket may not technically be made out of your favorite chunky sweater but it definitely gives off that comfy, cozy, cable knit vibe (say that 5 times fast!) For under $20 it’s the perfect little storage solution. I can see it by the front door as a spot to stash a few pairs of your cute fall flats or on a shelf to corral loose odds and ends.

knit home accessoriesI’m always a sucker for a good pouf and these ones have cozy evening in front of a fire written all over them. For a soft spot to rest your feet, an extra seat for guests during your big football parties, or a pair at the end of your bed to use when you put on your socks, these cable knit poufs will instantly cozy up any space.

knit home accessoriesWho wouldn’t want to snuggle up on a couch covered in sweaters? These chunky knit pillow covers will get any sofa or chair ready for Fall and make me ready for a nap. Yes please!

knit home accessoriesAs if the chunky knit pillows weren’t enough to throw me over the edge, holy cozy cable knit throw. Just imagine crawling into bed on a cool, breezy Fall night with that baby draped across. Ya, I’d say I’m ready for Fall and some cable knit home accessories.

cable knit home accessories

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So, if you’re one of those people still mourning the end of summer, I don’t think we can be friends anymore I hope this has made you slightly more excited about the Fall season ahead of us and if you’re anything like me, the thought of any of these juicy nuggets of Fall goodness in your house makes you very, very abnormally happy.

Happy Thursday, folks!


So, I realize it’s Tuesday but due to some technical issues here on the old blog, I wasn’t able to procrastinate until today. Is waiting an extra day to procrastinate taking the issue to an entirely different level?! Hmmm…well, I guess you could say that theme of putting things off did extend to our weekend because, while there is still much to be done around the new house, most of our time was spent doing this… let's procrastinate

But, I’m happy to say I didn’t feel one bit guilty about that because what’s the whole point of creating a home that we love without taking some time to enjoy it? I’ll keep reminding myself of that throughout this whole process and try my best not to get caught up in to-do lists. There will always be time to get s’more stuff done. Get it? Sorry, I can’t resist a good campfire pun.

So, let’s not put this thing off any longer. Let’s procrastinate, shall we?

*Another happily accepted excuse to put off housework over the weekend…

*I did make a little progress on our stairs over the last few days and I couldn’t be happier with how things are shaping up! More updates on that coming soon… let's procrastinate

*Josie Maran’s cozy farmhouse has me craving fall temperatures & snuggly sweaters even more than I already am (and spoiler alert, that’s A LOT!)

*I love how this barn style yet traditional door opens up the trend to all different kinds of aesthetics.

*I’m always obsessed with anything Jenny does and her new entry is no exception. Girlfriend just always knows what’s up. let's procrastinate

*It’s beyond exciting/amazing that in Emily Henderson’s makeover for Oprah Magazine, almost everything came from Target. When it comes to affordable style, Target get’s it right every. single. time.

*This news does break my heart a bit, but I’m glad to see people taking the time to figure out what’s best for them. Can’t say I won’t miss reading about what’s going on in their house every day!

*I must have entries on the brain. Here’s another cool entryway makeover and an even better gift for a couple of friends (plus a giveaway for you to enter!) let's procrastinate

Cheers to day-late procrastination! Happy Tuesday everyone!



I hope you all had a great Labor Day! While hopefully yours was full of lots of beer relaxation, let me tell you, on this Labor Day we labored HARD! I am excited to announce that we are officially moved out of the old house and, while I thought I knew what relief felt like before, not until our MONTH LONG move came to an end did I truly understand the meaning of the word. This moving stuff is no joke people! But once it was all (finally!) over, we did get a chance to celebrate our first official suburban Labor Day!

In other news, I finally have some progress pictures for you! Yay! In the craziness of this move and on top of the renovations we have going on around here, little bits of progress here and there are what have been keeping me sane (I mean, what is sanity really?!) Remember when I told you we were switching up the floorplan downstairs? In order to create a little bit of calmness during this crazy time, I’ve decided to focus on getting Joe’s home office (or as the fancy side of me likes to call the “Study”) situated first…home officeThere is still A LOT to be done in here but so far, I’ve managed to paint the walls and trim and get things set up enough for Joe to get the job (literally) done.

Here’s a look at where we were the day we closed on the house… HOME OFFICEAnd where we are now…home officeAnother look… home officeAnd… home office

home officeThere’s still a lot of work to be done in this little dining room turned home office but so far, we’ve been able to get the ball rolling on creating a light and bright home office design for Joe to work in and escape from the chaos going on in the rest of the house.

Since to-do lists are just about the only way to keep my head from exploding these days, here’s a look at the home office progress we’ve made so far and what else is on the agenda for this room over time:

  1. Remove carpeting
  2. Paint Walls
  3. Paint Trim
  4. Paint Ceiling
  5. Replace ceiling fan with a new ceiling fixture
  6. Replace current desk chair with a newer (and prettier!) option
  7. Tackle desk organizing
  8. Get a larger area rug
  9. Artwork and/or gallery wall
  10. Built-in shelving

There’s a lot to get done in here and the rest of the house but progress is progress right!? Well, now that the actual moving is over with, I hope to kick things into full gear and have lots more house progress for you soon! “To progress!” she says. Because maybe the more I say the word, the more will actually be made…sigh…a girl can dream.

How did you celebrate your Labor Day? Fill me in on the celebrations that we missed out on…